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       I hear so many times from patients that have started care that they wish they would have come in earlier or wished someone would have explained how corrective chiropractic can impact their health.  I absolutely love watching a patient get their quality of life back and be able to play their kids or grandkids again.

        My promise to you is that we will do everything we can to change your life and your family's life.  We have a great team here and have the latest in technology to figure exactly how to help you reach your health goals. 


Looking forward to impacting your life,

    Dr. John

Casey Brouse, MS ACN

Clinical Nutritionist

and Health Speaker

  Casey has a true passion for figuring out how to help someone through nutrition.  She used to be a gym owner and has worked with clients losing weight for over 15 years.  She just finished her masters degree in Clinical Nutrition which has made a HUGE impact with our practice and her ability to help many people that were out of options or "stuck healthwise."  If you ever feel you are out of options or want a true analysis of your healthy from a nutrition standpoint you need to have her do a workup on you.  She uses muscle testing and Zyto Technology to figure exactly how you can restore any nutritional deficiencies.  We work hand in hand with your medical doctor and have had numerous patients be able to break free of some of their medications. 

-Learn how to control conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, MS, fibromyalgia, digestion challenges, etc., that you have been diagnosed without the use of drugs!

 -Learn how others have met their weight loss goals and learned how to keep the weight off!

 -Find out if you could benefit with any nutritional supplements.

 -Learn how you can help your child digest better or increase their immune system so they don't keep getting sick. 

Dr. John Brouse, DC

Chiropractor and Wellness Speaker

Casey Brouse's Clinical Nutrition and Weight Loss


To restoring life to allow you and your entire family to express your God-Given Potential without drugs or surgery!


Educate and Transform lives to create outrageous health in our community!

Live your Life to the Fullest

Clinical Nutrition

& Weight Loss

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