Casey Brouse, MS ACN

  1104 W. High St., Ebensburg, PA 15931     814.472.9355


Clinical Nutrition changed my life?

Having answers to patients that are suffering from many different conditions like MS, heartburn, depression, anxiety, digestion, weight control and many other condition has made a big impact with our practice.  Through supplements, dietary  and nutrition upgrades and restoring the nerve flow many of our patients have been able to make huge progress with their quality of life.  Many also decreasing and getting off of many  of their prescription drugs which we work closely with their medical doctor to achieve.

I have worked in health and nutrition for over 15 years.  I used to be involved in fitness which has allowed me to study how exercise impacts our health.

Clinical Nutrition is designed to help your body restore function and restore nutritional deficiencies. 

Casey has her Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition and has a true passion for not only detecting what is affecting someone's health, but coming up with a true plan of action to address it.