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39 Weeks Pregnant

Daily Headaches...GONE!

I was skeptical...

Migraines and failed Surgery


"Since coming to Dr. Brouse, I am so much better.  I used to have migraines everyday and now I have little to none.  I now can sleep better and do normal activities with my family!" -Kailey, Ebensburg


Before coming here I was plaqued with headaches.  The headaches were so bad at times, I would literally have to stop doing anything.  When you work in the field of IT it is not good.  You have to be ready to move and work on an issue at the drop of a hat.  After I started coming to Dr. Brouse, my headaches have almost completely disappeared.  I no longer have to work with the fear of getting a headache and being unable to fix any issues that show up.  I used to get headaches multiple times a week, now I go weeks or longer without getting one.  Dr. Brouse has made a massive improvement with my life!" -Justin, Northern Cambria

I was able to get off 9 drugs since getting healthier here!


"Before coming to Dr. Brouse, I lived with a constant headache.  It nevere went away.  I took about 30 500mg of Tylenol a day, just to get by.  I also wore dark sunglasses while driving at night, because on-coming headlights made my headaches worse.  Now that Dr. Brouse has been adjusting me, I had maybe one slight headache in 3 weeks so I haven't taken any Tylenol so far.  Lastly my sunglasses are a fashion statement or a way to hold my hair back outta my eyes; Not for nighttime driving!!"   -Kimberly, Nicktown

"Before starting my chiropractic journey, I was diabetic with blood sugar levels of 250+, had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, arthritis and high cholesterol.  At present, blood sugar is 85-125, blood pressure is normal, sleeping is much better and arthritis pain has greatly improved.  I am more flexible and have more mobility.  I would like to thank Dr. John and his staff for caring about patients health and well-being!"

                                                                                          -ED, Portage

"When we first started coming everyone in our family had problems with allergies or being sick chronically.  We were literally at the doctor at least once a week with somebody.  Through the course of coming, there have been improvements in everyone.  We haven't been to the doctors unless it was a checkup for months.  One of the biggest improvements was with my daughter Faith.  Faith was having extreme behavioral problems with her autism to the point she was biting herself, pulling out her own hair and beating her head off walls.  Within a few months, her fits were down to one a week compared to 4-5 times a day.  She is a different child now.  Everyone has noticed the change in her because her behavior changed dramatically and the only difference is coming here.  Angel had growing pains that were chronic; they were telling me she could end up with arthritis.  Isaac had some problems with chronic bronchitis and he has not been sick at all since getting adjusted.  David was on asthma treatments 3 times a day up to 3 hours and he hasn't had asthma treatments since about 6 weeks into coming.  It has made a HUGE impact on everyone.  My husband and I haven't had allergies since we came.  People are asking us "What's different?  Are you okay?"  "Nothing!  We're doing really well!"  It's to the point now where the kids say we need to get adjusted.  Everyone loves coming here and it has been wonderful?

                                                       -The Raehl Family, Northern Cambria

ADHD..Autism...Asthma...Allergies...Chronic Sickness...  Dr. John has made a huge impact on my family!

6 Disc Herniations...walk without a cane again.

“I have 6 Disc Herniations & I never thought I would walk without a cane again.” “Back in 2007 I hurt my back at work. It turned out to be a lot worse than what they had thought, I have 6 disc herniations. No one was willing to take the time to help. Doctors were telling me itʼs all in your head, youʼre not in that much pain, and there is nothing wrong with you, go see a pain psychologist. Everybody was treating me like I was faking it. It was getting to the point where it was getting bad. I couldnʼt function. I couldnʼt clean my house, hunt or fish, hold a baby and couldnʼt go for walks anywhere. Finally, it got to the point where I am walking with a cane. I tried back injections which didnʼt work. I tried just about every kind of physical therapy and it never worked. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Brouse and I really wasnʼt keen on the idea because one chiropractor already turned me down. It took a couple months but my friend was on me about calling. One day I called and Dr. Brouse never gave me any negativity. I didnʼt hear I canʼt help you. There was no negativity! We can try to help, nothing but positive! As time went on he told me he can get me walking without my cane. I didnʼt believe him. That is not going to happen. Well, after 4 adjustments I am walking without my cane and walking without any kind of assistance. I FEEL GREAT! I can clean my house, go for walks, go to the mall and walk around, go fishing and next hunting season I am getting my license! I got my life back. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD GET ME BACK AGAIN. I have me now! I feel great and itʼs awesome. I love life again. I am so happy. People have noticed how happier I am. I am back to being me and I couldnʼt be any happier!” -Amy, Lilly


As a RN, I had my doubts about chiropractic

  “As an RN, I had my doubts about the benefits of chiropractic as a 'medicine.’” Fortunately, I listened to Dr. Brouse and am participating in his “total” program! I have had a lower back injury/problem for over 20 years and tried conventional medical methods to help my pain, to no avail, only minimal comfort increase and stagnant in health progression. Since being under Dr. Brouseʼs care I have improved the lower back pain, and have had a major decrease in neck pain and headaches! My posture has improved and I am also breathing easier. Needless to say.....I do believe in and endorse the medical art of chiropractic only as done in Brouse Family Chiropractic. I love all the staff and the positive attitudes!” -Ed S., RN Alverda



"I was first referred to Dr. Brouse by a friend who comes here and my boss. I originally came here for foot pain but didn’t know how chiropractic was going to change my life in so many other areas. My feet are terrible. I am always in so much pain. They completely incapacitate my life. Dr. Brouse gave me orthotics to wear for my feet and that has helped me tremendously along with some lifestyle changes I have made. My feet still hurt but I am hopeful for the first time that that will change because of all of the other changes I have experienced in the last couple of months. I used to have chronic sinus infections and took singular which never helped. The ear nose and throat doctor was not even sure how I was able to breathe. I probably got 10 sinus infections a year. Every morning I would blow my nose and all day long I would blow my nose. I was always blowing my nose! I had an awful sinus infection the first week I started care with Dr. Brouse and I have not had ONE since then! This was absolutely amazing to me! I felt like a new person. I also got sinus pressure head aches which are gone now. I still blow my nose out of habit and nothing comes out now! I also used to get tremendous gas pains and they have gone away now too. I never knew I could go to the chiropractor for my sinus infections. I was mostly concerned about my feet. Getting rid of my other problems was just getting icing on the cake. I have dealt with head aches and sinus problems my whole life. I have tried so many things to get well. I even tried acupuncture which was not successful three years ago. I have had every test done you could think of and no one could tell me what was wrong. I just learned how to live with them. Since starting care at Brouse Family Chiropractic I finally feel so much better. I used to get sick all of the time and now I never get sick. My head aches, sinus problems, and stomach problems are completely gone. I would recommend Dr. Brouse to anyone!" Tara G., Johnstown



"I can honestly say I have been doing much better since starting Chiropractic care. I have less neck pain and way fewer headaches now. I have diagnosed with carpal tunnel over a year ago and Dr. Brouse has really helped me with this. I still have some numbness in my hands, but it is less frequent than before and now only once in awhile where before it was almost constant. The one thing I feel is most important in Chiropractic care is that you need to do it at least every other week. You need to be consistent, I have been going on a bi-monthly basis and it has made a huge difference in my life." - Chuck, Benshoff Hill



"I have been coming to Dr. Brouse for almost two years. I originally started coming for back problems. I have had breast cancer in the past and had a bone scan done and something showed up. My oncologist sent me to a neurosurgeon. They found a hot spot in my lower back. My doctor ordered an MRI and that showed that I had severe degenerative arthritis in my lower back. Since starting chiropractic care for my arthritis I have improved my quality of life. I will be 69 years old soon and I feel great! In addition to my visits to Dr. Brouse I stay very healthy through exercise, eating right, and supplementation. Chiropractic has allowed my body to heal itself and has allowed me to maintain my high standards of living. I used to do everything with a lot of pain and now I can go dancing and take walks with my husband pain free! I have also lowered my blood pressure medication dose. I think Dr. Brouse is different from other chiropractors because by coming here I have learned how to trust taking a more natural approach to my life and have learned that by taking pressure off of my nervous system my body has the power to heal itself more naturally without the use of medication. This year I have not yet been sick because my immune system is so strong through chiropractic and the healthy lifestyle I live and I am around a lot of sick people! I feel that no one knows what I know about how much chiropractic can improve your quality of life. I also want people to know that like any other profession, not all chiropractors are the same. I have been to other chiropractors in the past but have stayed with Brouse Family Chiropractic for over a year and will continue to come here and tell everyone I know what I have learned about Chiropractic!" -Marcella M., Windber



"I used to take two aleve at night and I have not had to do that since I have started care with Dr. Brouse. When I used to get up in the morning, it used to tak me 15 minutes to get up with all my aches and pains. Now, I can get up quick and feel great. I have no more leg pain or sciatic pain anymore and I never miss my appointments or exercises!" -Ben D., Loretto I CAN PICK UP MY GRANDKIDS WITHOUT PAIN! "Before coming to see Dr Brouse I had constant pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders. It was hard to lift my grandkids and I could not stay on feet for more than 20 or 30 minutes. Now I can reach down and touch the floor! I can pick my grand kids up with ease and I wake up in the morning without pain! I retired two years ago and before I retired I thought my life was going to be living with pain but Dr. Brouse and his staff has changed my outlook on life! Thank you Brouse Family Chiropractic!" -Ella C., Ebensburg



"I have been to other chiropractors, but hated getting cracked and twisted and bascially gave up on chiropractic. I had a friend that referred me in here and with Dr. Brouse's gentle techniques I am able to get adjusted and it has made a huge difference in my life. When I first started I couldn't even stand up. I couldn't even put socks on without crippling pain in the past and now I don't have a problem. My husband just mentioned to me that he feels if it wasn't for my chiropractic care that I would be in a wheelchair. Thanks for all that you do." -Alice M., Cresson HELP WITH STOMACH PAIN, SORE THROATS, AND MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS. "I have been coming to Dr. Brouse for about 4 years. Since I started coming back for regular adjsutments and therapy, I have felt much better, who would have thought that a chiropractor could help with stomach pain or sore throats or menstrual problems. I had no idea until Dr. John taught me that everything comes from the brain and spinal cord. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Both my daughters are under care and it has helped them tremendously with everyday stressor." -Michelle M., Gallitzin



“As a result of coming to Dr. Brouse I no longer have to live with constant lower back pain. I no longer have numbness in my leg and foot. I am no longer stiff and sore when I wake up in the morning. My headaches and allergies are virtually gone. Iʼve never been this comfortable with my overall health in my entire life.” -Jeremy W., Alverda              



“In the short time since I’ve been coming here one of the biggest changes I have noticed is that my quality of sleep has improved. It takes less time to fall asleep and I am not waking up every time I change positions from pain.” -Patricia M., Ebensburg



“When I decided to start coming to Dr. John’s office, I really didn’t want to keep living anymore, my quality of life was that bad. Now after a few weeks, I have quit ALL my arthritis medications and am off my blood pressure medications. Today, I feel great, I actually want to go and do things now. I really enjoy my life again and want to continue living now. I wake up every day feeling great and I enjoy my day, every day!” -Tammy W., Alverda



“Before I met Dr. John Brouse and his staff I had some bad problems. I had pain in my neck that also went to my head and gave me terrible headaches. I also had problems with my lower back. Sometimes it would slip partially out and send sharp pain down across my back and down my leg. I had problems breathing when walking and bending. Taking 19 medications every day did not relieve these problems. After meeting with Dr. John and his staff I entered into his program. It has been the best choice I made. After a few weeks of adjustments and neck exercises, I no longer have the pain in my neck, no headaches and no pain in my lower back. I can also breathe better when I walk or bend. I still take my medications for congestive heart failure, but to be pain free and be able to breathe better makes me feel great. A special thanks to Dr. John Brouse and staff!” -Brian M., Johnstown



"I was suffering with severe low back pain, sciatica nerve pain in my hips, right leg and ankle. My pain level was a 10+ out of 10. After being in the hospital for 4 days having numerous tests, including MRI, CT scan, and X-rays, the tests confirmed I had a herniated ruptured disc, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. I cried a lot- 2 epidural shots didn't help. Surgery wasn't guaranteed and only 50% "maybe" successful I was told. I couldn't walk, sit, stand or even try to sleep without being in tremendous pain. So out of desperation, after seeing a flyer in our newspaper mentioning Chiropractic care can help all these symptoms, I called and made an appointment. Dr. Brouse studied everything and said he could help. SO after 2 weeks of treatments, my headaches were gone and after 3 months I am completely pain free with all my back problems. I would and will always recommend Dr. Brouse. He is like no other Chiropractor I know, he helped me tremendously."

                                                                                                                                                                               --Martha, Nanty-Glo



“Before coming in I was very sore in the neck and shoulders. I was not very happy with myself. I heard about Dr. Brouse and came in and it has helped me very much! I enjoy coming and I always feel good when I leave and have a lot of energy to fill my day. I feel good all the way around.” -Dottie M., Nanty Glo



Before I started doing chiropractic care when I was in gym class I would start to sneeze several times and wouldn’t stop until I come home. Also my ankles and knees would hurt when I walk up and down stairs and just every day walking. Then Becka told Mom about chiropractic care so she went to the dinner talk and heard that it would help allergies. So I went to the Doctor report and I was very interested and thought I might as well start because I thought my allergies might ease off and my bones might stop aching. I have been going and getting adjusted for about two and half months and my ankles and knees have almost stopped hurting and when I go to gym class I no longer sneeze several times and I can enjoy doing gym class. I might even start more sports because my ankles and knees no longer hurt. -Aaron, Mineral Point



Since I started coming to Dr. Brouse I can lift my arm without having pain. I have more energy when I get adjusted. I sleep better. Chiropractic has lessened tension in the shoulders from stress. I am pain free. It’s amazing! -Reyne M., Gallitzin


"God is truly performing miracles through this man!"

"I’ve always been a believer in how chiropractic works. It has always helped my migraines, back pain, IBS symptoms, etcetera; but Dr. Brouse claimed that he had had patients in the past hearing get better, o help I thought “He is insane!”. I am happy to report that I was wrong. I am an MT and my job, which I loved for seven years, became tedious and real challenge due to hearing loss. Four adjustments later my hearing was completely restored.  God is truly performing miracles through this man!"   -Theresa, Cresson



"I started coming to Brouse Family Chiropractic after talking to a friend. I had recurring back problems for years, when started out I had severe pain in my back and hip pain that make it hard to walk. I also suffer from asthma, seasonal allergies, acid reflux, depression, weight problems, sleep apnea and being tired all the time. I was taking medications for my depression, allergies, asthma and acid reflux. I also used a CPAP machine to continue to breathe at night. Shortly after starting treatment I began to have less pain and breathing started improving, sleep improved, started having more energy. About a month of regular adjustments and exercises in the office I started feeling well enough to stop taking all my medications and not use my machine less and even be able to lose weight. I now only have come for adjustments once a week and do my exercises at home. I even bring both my daughters ages 11 and 16 and got my husband to start treatment since it was too good a thing to keep to myself. The staff is friendly and helpful and I would recommend them to everyone I know who wants to live life to the fullest."   -Laurie W., Nanty Glo



"Dr. Brouse has made all the difference, when I first came to Dr. Brouse I was having a lot of pain in my back, could barely make it through an 8 hour shift at work, has a hard time getting comfortable in bed when it was time for bed, could not get up out of bed without sliding out of the bed first. I went to another chiropractor to all he did was realign my back and sent me on my way. Now I can do a full 8 hours and more at work without pain, I feel great all the time. I have no trouble finding a comfortable spot in bed; I can get up without pain in my back. I have more energy and I am in a much better mood all the time. I just feel so wonderful!!!"  -Alyssa, Alverda



"When I didn’t go to Doctor Brouse my ankles were hurting, my back hurt and I wasn’t that flexible. Now my ankles don’t hurt, my back doesn’t hurt and my flexibility is awesome. My flexibility is easier to cheer. Thank you so much Doctor Brouse.  I love you guys so much!" -Anna R., Mineral Point



"Before coming here, I was tired and fatigued frequently. I did not have many headaches but I had a few. Sometime my shoulders and lower back would hurt for no apparent reason. My mother has convinced me to get examined and evaluated by Dr. Brouse. After I was evaluated, I realized why I had some physical problems. My lower back and neck were not positioned correctly, which caused the pain I had. Since that day, I have been coming to get adjusted. Dr. Brouse made all the difference; I am not as tired as I usually was and I don’t have any pain in my shoulders and lower back. I love coming here. The environment is welcoming and the staff is friendly. Thank you so much Dr. Brouse!"     -Rebecca, Nanty Glo



"After 40 years of having chronic leg and neck pain, the adjustments along with the exercises have made significant improvement to my daily life. Dr. Brouse along with his wonderful staff continues to make my chiropractic experiences wonderful. I was scared and anxious at first and after a few weeks I gained trust and confidence in chiropractic care. Before, the leg pain would wake me up and keep me awake and I would have to take 6 to 10 aspirin a night. I have not taken one in a few days and I feel awesome. The biggest thing I learned is to not rely on medications and let your body heal itself. I am so appreciative for this. I would have never dreamed chiropractic care could be so wonderful!"    – Deb W., Johnstown



"As a result of coming to Brouse Family Chiropractic, not only do I feel all around better, but I've also learned how to keep myself feeling this good. The free workshops educate my roomates and I about the foods we eat and the things we do day to day. Dr. Brouse truly cares about his pateints and wants every one of them to live a healthy life. I can say now after changing my diet and becoming more aware of my activities throughout the day, I have more energy, less back pain and headaches, and I can also make it through a long day of classes or work pain free. I've also shared my knowledge with others who now benefit from it too!" -Kathy I., Hollidaysburg



"As a result of coming here I have better movement in my neck and back. I used to have headaches and stiffness and now I am also sleeping better and have less stress worrying about my health. What makes this different is the staff really care and are very friendly. - Mike P., Loretto



"My life changed. I was overweight, feeling tired, no energy and felt I needed to change myself. From day one until I finished the program I was never hungry, had more energy and feeling great. I am now into the Corrective Chiropractic program to improve my health further. I took up golf a year ago and can't wait to enjoy the game more. Less weight, better posture and 22" less all over in measurements and my golf game will improve, thanks to my new life. Thanks Brouse Family Chiropractic!" -Patricia B. , Johnstown



"Since starting chiropractic treatment with Dr. Brouse I have noticed better range of motion in my neck, strengthened back & reduction of "stinging" in my back when I sit for longer periods of time and less stiffness in my hips. I am very pleased with the results thus far and have every confidence my spinal health will continue to imrove with continued treatment and as a result, my overall health and well-being. I am very pleased with every aspect of my treatment plan: adjustments, 'in house' exercise program and home plan. I also appreciate the friendly and caring personalities of the staff." -Pam G. , Patton


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