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Why we are Unique?

Our office is considered to be one of the most Elite offices in the country because of our focus on the "WHY" or the "CAUSE" of your health condition.  We have trained extensively to figure out "WHY" somebody is suffering from whatever condition they may have, but more importantly than finding the Cause is implementing a plan to restore physiology so your body can start healing and functioning properly.

      We use state of the art technology with the Myovision sEMG Scanner, ZYTO TECHNOLOGY and DIGITAL X-RAYS to specifically locate the "CAUSE."  So many professions are focused on covering up the symptoms where our sole focus is based on restoring life and removing the CAUSE.  

     What also separates us from not only other doctors, but also other chiropractors is we focus on corrective care.  We specifically analyze your spine and compare it to an ideal spine.  We design a specific treatment plan to not only get you past your condition, but to actually fix the problem.  We take periodic post x-rays to actually see how your spine is correcting and improving.  Only a small part of our profession focus on correction.